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Spam Email Protection & Quarantine

To combat the rise of spam email, Trinity has deployed a spam filter for staff/faculty email protection. Email identified as possibly being spam will be delivered to your personal quarantine rather than your inbox. This only applies to staff/faculty email accounts; spam management for student mailboxes is performed through Gmail.

Quarantine Notifications

Quarantine Notifications are sent daily at 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM. These Quarantine Notifications will indicate possible spam emails sent to you, and may be safely ignored, released or deleted from quarantine. A typical quarantine notification looks like the following:

Screen capture of Spam Quarantine Summary email notification

Releasing Quarantined Email

If an email was mistakingly quarantined, you can release the email by clicking on Deliver. The email will appear in your inbox after a few moments. Messages older than seven days will automatically be removed from your quarantine if not delivered.

Managing Your Quarantine

To access your quarantine, scroll to the bottom of the Quarantine Notice and click on View your entire Quarantine Inbox or manage your preferences, as illustrated below.

Screen capture of email notification with access link

Alternatively, you can browse to Logins to the Spam Quarantine are not associated with your Trinity login Рit uses a separate password. To reset your username, input your complete email address (i.e. and click Create New Password. An email will be dispatched to your Trinity email with a password, in addition to a link which will take you directly into your quarantine without having to log in.

Managing Your Allow & Block List

To prevent email senders from being subjected to Trinity’s spam filters, you have the option to manage your own custom allow list and block list. To access these lists, click on the Preferences tab when logged into your Spam Quarantine. You should see a screen similar to the one below:

Screen capture of Spam Quarantine whitelist/blacklist preferences

To block everyone from, add to the blocklist. To block only a specific person, add the full email address. For example, adding will block only emails sent from, but not emails from other Hotmail users.

Likewise, the allow list works in a similar fashion. However, any email address added to the allow list will bypass Trinity’s spam filter and go straight to your inbox, regardless if it is spam or not.

For best service, contact Technology Services using our online Service Request Form. You can also contact us at 202-884-9811. The Technology Services office is located on the first floor of the Payden Academic Center, Suite 122.



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