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New Staff Orientation

A 3/4 day event held every other month, as needed.  New staff employees review Trinity’s mission, vision, goals and organizational structure. OHR and guest speakers from different departments facilitate parts of the meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to allow new staff members to learn about Trinity’s past; to gain a better understanding of Trinity’s strategic objectives and to appreciate where they fit in the big picture of Trinity. Required of new staff. (3 credits)

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Functional Orientation

Equipped with a checklist and a sense of adventure, each new staff employee will visit each of the following departments to interview one employee: SPS Advising, Trinity Center/Athletics, Business Office, DPS, Library, Human Resources, and Technology Services. In addition, each new staff employee will observe, for one hour, in one of the following departments/divisions: Admissions, Enrollment Services, or Institutional Advancement. The purpose of this assignment is for new employees to gain a deeper understanding of the business of Trinity; how other departments service our students; and to further realize their role in Trinity’s success.  Each new employee will have two weeks from hire date to complete this assignment. Required of new staff. (2 credits)

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Digital Literacy

All Trinity employees must demonstrate standard proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.  Working knowledge of Microsoft Access, PowerPoint and Publisher will only enhance the skill sets of our workforce. In addition, student service staff and some faculty use Power Campus for data inquiries, data management, and reports. Great Plains is used generally by operational areas for budget, data management and reports. The full utilization of these applications will only enhance productivity and efficiency. Job specific requirement (3 credits per session)

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Diversity: It’s All About Respect

As stated in Trinity’s mission, “RESPECT for Human Dignity will continue to characterize Trinity’s campus life through honoring the broad diversity of races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, abilities, beliefs and interests of Trinity’s student body”.  This course stresses the importance of respecting and embracing the diversity of the Trinity community and the importance of providing excellent service by recognizing the diverse needs of our customers. This course is mandatory for all new staff and required every other year of existing staff. (3 credits)

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Customer Service: We Care

Participants will be able to identify Trinity’s internal and external customers; identify barriers to providing excellent customer service; link customer service to Trinity’s strategic goals; tie customer service goals to student enrollment, retention and diversity. This course is mandatory for all new staff and required every other year of existing staff. (3 credits)

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Preventing Harassment: Creating a Culture of Respect

As previously stated, RESPECT for human dignity characterizes the Trinity culture. Participants will be able to create an environment in their workplaces where harassment of any kind does not exist. Gender, racial, sexual and other types of harassment will be discussed.  Participants will be able to explain how to respond if ever faced with any type of harassment. This course is offered in three categories: Staff, Faculty and Supervisors, and is mandatory every year. (3 credits)

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Policy Workshops

Each month Trinity will highlight at least one university policy. The subject matter expert and OHR will facilitate the one to two hour training sessions.  Examples of topics covered include, but are not limited to: The Purchasing Process; The Leave Policy; Technology Usage Policy; and Emergency Management Procedures: This may be a job specific requirement or required as indicated. (2 credits)

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Performance Assessment

In the months of October and November, performance assessment workshops will be held for staff and supervisors. The purpose of these workshops is to give staff the tools to complete a self-assessment, and to give supervisors the tools to accurately and effectively complete the performance assessment document and conduct the performance assessment session with their staff. This course is mandatory. (3 credits)

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Personal Development

Trinity recognizes the importance of taking care of those things personal to all employees, like finances; physical/mental health and wellness; retirement planning; family issues; etc. At least one personal development course will be offered each session. Examples of topics that will be covered include, but are not limited to: Financial Education; Stress Management; Time Management; (1 credit)

Other courses will be added over time. The goal is to standardize the Essential training courses, and create a menu of new and different training on an ongoing basis.

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Trinity Office of Human Resources, 125 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20017   Phone: 202-884-9121   Fax: 202-884-9123



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