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Human Resources | Employee Handbook: Part VII


A.  Health Insurance

B.  Flexible Spending Account

C.  Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability

D.  TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan

E.  Parking

Trinity College offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package for faculty and staff. Following are the key components of the package, and additional details are available in the Office of Human Resources:

A.  Health Insurance

The terms of this section may change annually depending upon the prices charged and coverages offered by the health insurance provider, and from time to time Trinity may change the provider in order to ensure the most affordable and competitive health care plan for employees.

Trinity College offers MAMSI Health Care plan for all full-time employees.  MAMSI offers three health care options.  Available option are HMO,PPO and PPO.  Details for each plan options are available in the Office of Human Resources.  All plans include a discounted vision care feature.

The College also offers a voluntary Dental Plan though MAMSI.  The dental plan premiums is cost share by the College at 50%.  Additional information regarding the dental plan is available in the Office of Human Resources.

If the health care plan is elected, coverage begins on the first of the month following the month in which employment begins.  The health care plan is a contributory benefit with the college paying 65% and the employee paying 35% of the total premium.

Information packets (including a toll-free information number)  for MAMSI Health Care Plan are available in the Office of Human Resources.  Visit for information regarding the most current list of the Directory of Health Care Professionals.

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B.  Flexible Spending Account

Trinity provides a flexible spending account program in which employees may set-aside up to $5,000 in pretax earnings for certain health expenses not covered by insurance, and dependent day care. This program provides a great tax savings, since the funds set aside are not taxed, but the money must be spent in its entirety during the designated year or the employee will not be able to claim the balance. Information on the flexible spending account plan is available in the Office of Human Resources.

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C.  Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability

Full-time employees receive life insurance at two times the base annual salary. Trinity pays the entire premium. This coverage is optional and any employee may decline the benefit.

Employees may also purchase supplemental life insurance through the UNUM Life Insurance Company. Information is available in the Office of Human Resources.

Employees who have completed one full year of full-time employment at Trinity are also covered by the Long Term Disability Plan. This plan pays 60% of the employee’s monthly salary (after being disabled for three months) up to a maximum of $6,000 per month. The total cost of this plan is paid by Trinity. Additional details regarding this plan are available in the Office of Human Resources.

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D.  TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan

Trinity participates in the TIAA-CREF Retirement Plan (Teachers Insurance Annuity Association and the College Retirement Equities Fund).  To participate in the plan, employees must first complete one full year of employment at Trinity, be 21 years of age or older, or have contributed to a 403(b) plan for the preceding 12 months to be eligible.

Trinity automatically contributes 2% of the employee’s base annual salary for all employees who elect to participate. Trinity matches additional voluntary contributions on a formula basis, with 6% as the highest match.

Employees may also contribute to a TIAA-CREF SRA (Supplemental Retirement Annuity) up to the maximum allowed by law, but SRA contributions are not matched by Trinity.

Please note that Trinity cannot make any contributions until all enrollment forms are complete and filed in the Office of Human Resources, and retroactive payments cannot be made.

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E.  Parking

Employees of Trinity College may park in the designated campus lots for free. Employees who park on campus must register their vehicles with the Department of Public Safety Office and display the appropriate decal.

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Trinity College reserves the right to interpret or change the policies stated in this Handbook as the need arises. This document is not a contract.

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