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Work Study – Math (Intro. Algebra): Mon Sessions


Monday Mathematics

Session I 3:00 – 4:30 pm (Room 232)
Session II 6:30 – 8:00 pm (Room 259)

Description: Students are given a printed list of questions from previous assignments, with an emphasis on concepts for upcoming exams and asked to work each and every problem, step-by-step on the classroom white boards.

Math faculty member and student work study students are to move freely around the room from student to student checking for accuracy and assisting with missed steps in multi-step problems.

Goals: Students are to complete the entire list of questions with a better understanding of how to work the problems out step-by-step.

Requirements for Room: One of the designated “math rooms” with multiple whiteboards (Main 232 or 259).  Main 248 can be used for small group sessions only.

Criteria for Student Work Study: Successful completion of Math 102 or higher (or placement test score) and a recommendation of math faculty.

Contact: Joseph Sheridan, Mathematics Specialist
Room Main 192
(202) 884-9211

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