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Work Study – Peer Tutor (Academic Services Center)


Peer Tutor Job Description

Tutors are expected to provide individual and small group assistance to Trinity students as well as staff the Math/Tutoring Center. Some tutors will work with faculty to provide assistance to students during labs and/or supplemental instruction classes. Tutors help students learn skills and concepts needed to succeed in course work. Tutors usually work 5 – 10 hours per week. Additional hours may be available at high peak times of the semester. Students with work study are eligible to apply, but students are not required to have work study to be hired as tutors.

Peer Tutor Application Process

  1. Complete Academic Peer Tutor Interest Form. Submit form and current resume.
  2. Meet with Dr. Kimberly LaBoone to interview and discuss your interest and qualifications for the position.
  3. Following the meeting, Dr. LaBoone will notify candidates of their eligibility to participate in the next training class/session.
  4. Confirm your continued interest by submitting a Peer Tutor Reference form from a Trinity faculty member.
  5. Peer Tutor training sessions will be arranged based upon availability and will include on-the-job training throughout the semester. A meeting will be arranged prior to training to discuss details and expectations.

Peer Tutor Qualifications

  1. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average;
  2. Applicants should be current students, have at least sophomore standing at Trinity, and should have completed at least one semester of course work at Trinity when they begin working as a tutor;
  3. Candidates must submit a completed Academic Peer Tutor Interest Form and a current resume;
  4. Candidates must complete tutor training;
  5. Applicants must meet with the Director of Academic Services to discuss interest in tutoring, your academic background, and career goals to confirm suitability before training begins; and
  6. A faculty recommendation (Peer Tutor Reference form) is required as part of the application process.

Peer Tutor Duties

  1. Tutor assigned students and students visiting the Tutoring Center during walk in hours
  2. Staff the Tutoring Center as scheduled; tutors must report to work for scheduled tutoring appointments as well as scheduled shifts. Most shifts will be scheduled in the Tutoring/Math Center, but there may be assignments in classrooms and labs to assist faculty with specific courses.
  3. Contact assigned students to schedule tutoring appointments
  4. Assess the academic needs of student tutees
  5. Develop appropriate tutoring goals and activities with assigned students
  6. Arrange a substitute tutor to work for you when you are unable to work an assigned shift
  7. Maintain a log of activities
  8. Log in/out using TimeForce
  9. Meet with Director as requested and attend required tutor meetings including training sessions
  10. Communicate with Director any concerns/issues in a timely fashion

Description of Peer Tutor Training (completion required before one becomes a tutor)

  1. The training will include information on how to conduct tutoring sessions, goals and purposes of tutoring, and expectations of tutors.
  2. Training will be conducted as needed to prepare students to become tutors. This may include sessions during the fall, spring, or summer semesters.
  3. Training is conducted by the Director of Academic Services.
  4. Students are expected to attend all meetings (training sessions) and complete all assignments and projects.
  5. Course meetings will be mutually arranged for the convenience of trainees and the Director. Every effort will be made to schedule course dates around students’ other courses and obligations.

Additional information

  1. Tutors are paid. Work study funding is helpful but not required.
  2. Tutors have flexible schedules; however, most tutors will be expected to staff the Tutoring Center during walk-in hours. As such tutors must fulfill the responsibilities/hours scheduled.
  3. The actual time each tutor works varies depending on the courses s/he tutors, one’s individual schedule, and tutoring requests. However, tutors work an average of 5 hours per week; some tutors work up to 10 hours per week while other tutors work as few as 1 hour per week.
  4. Tutors are considered leaders at Trinity and are expected to serve as role models to other students.

TO APPLY, email your resume and the hours that you will be available to work in addition to your selected major to Hanan Adnan at

Trinity Washington University is dedicated to the achievement of excellence and diversity among its students, faculty and staff. Trinity is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community and strongly encourages all qualified individuals to apply.


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