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Work Study – Lasallian Volunteers


Internship Program with the Lasallian Volunteers of the De La Salle Christian Brothers:

 Basic Information:

  • Intern: 12-15 hours a week throughout the semester=around 200 total hours (based on 16 week semester)
  • Intern should be undergrad or graduate student (grad students receive no compensation)
  • Interns must have a  demonstrated commitment to contemporary understandings of Catholic Mission   trends and must be comfortable with people of diverse racial, ethnic and varied communities and backgrounds.  The intern must possess strong written and oral communication skills, detail oriented, organized, flexible and able to work  independently but also able to follow directions and work collaboratively.


  • To provide ways to ensure  interns have the ability to see the tangible results of service to the      poor through their internship experience: photos, video clips, participation in meetings, interviewing Lasallian Volunteers, Alums and Donors, allowing the intern to attach a face, place and context to what is happening.


  • $50.00/month travel stipend (if needed); practical ministry experience,
  • TR available on site; Credit-bearing; able to work in Catholic non-profit environment; deepen,      shape and inform their own understanding of service to the poor especially in the areas of education and social services.
  • Exposure to work in a professional setting
  • Help to formulate skills to articulate clear and concise statements of faith and understandings of      the work of the Lasallian Volunteers and the De La Salle Christian Brothers
  • This is a safe environment in which to ask questions

Possible Project Assignments/Ideas:

  • Be willing to examine ongoing projects at the National Office
  • Organize and help with recruiting of new volunteers
  • Write news stories for LV Update, website, and keep Facebook and Twitter pages updated
  • Basic office tasks
  • Update database membership
  • Development / Fundraising field and office experience
  • YouTube technology
  • Assistance with Retreat Program preparation and possibly attend retreats if available
  • Collating materials to be used as resources
  • Filing and updating files
  • Writing to volunteers and  compile stories from the field
  • Create liturgical guides to aide in understandings of service to the poor and how they fit into      liturgical seasons (lent, advent, Pentecost)
  • Assists in organizing a fundraiser to benefit the Lasallian Volunteers

Site Supervisor:

  • Establish and act as formal tie to relationship
  • Provide meaningful ministerial internship experience
  • 1 site visit a term from academic institution
  • Site supervisor will evaluate

Email your resume and available work hours to:




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