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About Jumpstart

Jumpstart’s mission is to work toward the day every child in Americaenters school prepared to succeed. To this end, Jumpstart trains and supports caring adults to serve as part-time Corps members, working with young children to build skills crucial to school success. Jumpstartfocuses on three program areas: building School Success for young children by fostering their early language, literacy, social, initiative skills; encouraging strong Family Involvement to help families support children’s learning; and training college students to be Future Teachers and leaders in early childhood education. Jumpstart serves young children in more than 60 communities nationwide.

 About the Position

Jumpstart Corps members have the unique opportunity to inspire young children to learn, serve in a local community, work on a team, and build professional skills. All Corps members receive professional-caliber training to help them implementJumpstart’s outcome-based program, promote children’s school success, and build family involvement.

Corps members have the following option(s) for participation in Jumpstart:

  • 200-hour term OR 300-hour term: serve part-time during the school year
  • 450-hour term: serve part-time during the school year with additional leadership responsibilities or extended service into the summer

Jumpstart School Year

Corps members complete 200/300 hours of service during the school year. This intensive commitment will make a substantial impact in the life of a young child. During the school year, Corps members participate in the following activities:

  • Serve part-time, 8-12 hours per week, during the school year, including:
    • Jumpstart sessions with team and small groups of children, 4 hours per week (two sessions per week for two hours each)
    • Team planning meetings and session preparation, which includes planning, reflection, and/or training, 2-3 hours per week
    • 1-5 hours each week in a preschool classroom during the regular school day (the number of hours in the classroom is determined on the total hours commitment for the year)
    • 1 hour of individual planning and preparation for Jumpstart sessions
  • Communicate with children’s family
  • Participate in intensive pre-service and on-going trainings
  • Attend periodic service days, often held on weekends

Jumpstart Summer

Corps members who commit to 450 hours of service participate in Jumpstart’s summer program. This is an ideal opportunity for students interested in additional intensive training and classroom teaching experience. In Jumpstart’s summer program, Corps members participate in the following activities:

  • Serve approximately 30 hours per week for 8-10 weeks
  • Provide Jumpstart’s early childhood program partners with enthusiastic and well-trained adults to serve in their classrooms. Corps members lower adult-child ratios and provide more individual attention to the children, focusing on language and literacy
  • Attend pre-service training institute and ongoing weekly training seminars

Qualifications and Experience

Dedication to early childhood education

  • Experience working with young children, and/or a desire to learn more about early childhood education
  • Strong language and communication skills
  • Ability to build relationships and collaborate with children’s families
  • Willingness to learn about session implementation and planning
  • Willingness to implement Jumpstart’s research based curriculum with integrity

Commitment to service

  • Community service experience
  • Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to fulfill a yearlong community service commitment
  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude toward helping others


  • Ability to work well on a team
  • Desire to seek opportunities for self and team growth
  • Willingness to receive and provide feedback in an effort to improve quality
  • Availability, dependability, and willingness to be flexible
  • Maturity and good judgment in relating to Jumpstart peers, partners, and families
  • Commitment to Jumpstart’s mission and values of learning, determination, connection, joy, and kindness

Compensation and Benefits

  • Potential to earn Work-Study award during term of service
  • AmeriCorps members will be eligible to receive an education award upon completion of their service term based on the hours commitment level
  • Extensive training in the field of early childhood education
  • Unique opportunity to join a national network of individuals serving young children
  • Invaluable opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young children

To Apply

 Please visit to apply on- line. Paper applications are available upon request. Also, send your resume and available hours to .

 Jumpstart is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion or creed, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status recognized by federal, state or local law with respect to employment opportunities. Please visit our website at


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