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Tutor Counselor Job Description

Tutor Counselor (TC)
TCs are responsible for the well-being of Upward Bound students. Counseling, academic tutoring, and various types of supervision are all facets of this responsibility. For twenty-three sessions held on Saturdays during the academic year, TC is expected to keep close contact with the students during academic classes.

TCs are expected to assist the teachers in working with students individually, in small groups or the whole class. They are usually required to be aware of the instructors’ goals for each course. Teachers and tutors will be given a time during staff orientation to meet and discuss the tutors’ roles in the classroom.

The TC enforces program rules and codes of behavior is expected to respond to disturbances in the classroom. TCs should report serious breaches of program rules to the proper administrator.

Other tutor/counselor responsibilities, including supervision of meals, are contained in the handbook, and is thoroughly explained during tutor training.

TCs must be in attendance at all Upward Bound activities, including all activities listed under responsibilities below.

Tutor/counselor responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Attend Tutor Training
  • Confer with instructors on student progress
  • Tutor during Tuesday – Friday afternoons (at student’s request)
  • Supervise students at all assigned times
  • Attend monthly staff meetings
  • Chaperon field trips


  • Minimum – Upper level academically successful college student (3.0 GPA)
  • Knowledge of either foreign language, physical sciences, counseling, computer science, English or math
  • Interest in working with adolescents
  • Interpersonal skills, sensitivity to the needs of the disadvantaged, and commitment to the goals of Upward Bound





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