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Step 1: Disability Documentation

In order to process your registration with Disability Student Services (DSS), you must submit sufficient documentation of your disability at the time of your Intake Meeting. Your documentation must be less than THREE (3) years old and must include the following:

!!! Please note that an IEP is NOT sufficient documentation and  does not meet the requirements of sufficient documentation. If it is submitted, it will be reviewed as prior information relating to the student’s K-12 experience. It will not be considered as a qualified evaluation.  DSS does not diagnose disabilities and does not provide referrals to evaluators or testing centers. However, DSS has a list of local evaluators to assist you in finding qualified evaluators. DSS can help guide you in obtaining documentation from your high school or state vocational rehabilitation agency (i.e. RSA or DORS).

Missing one of the documentation criteria?

You may have the evaluator complete the Disability Documentation Supplemental Questions on their professional letterhead and submit to Disability Support Services (DSS) with your primary documentation for consideration. Acceptance of this supplemental form is at the discretion of DSS.
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