Utilizing Talents in the Classroom

- Let's use our talents to have the best school year yet!
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Make the Impossible Possible in 2015!

- Nothing is impossible with the right team and the right tools.
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Be a Lifelong Learner!

- Lifelong learning doesn't just have to be part of your career. You can learn something new by learning a new sport or hobby. Teach yourself how to knit or learn a new language.
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Classroom Management Skills: Tools for Delivering a Quality Education

- It doesn’t matter if a teacher is a novice or a veteran; he or she can have success and manage the classroom on the first day.
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Biographies: More than a Story — A Teaching Tool

- Learning about a theorist's life can help us to make better connections to the theory he or she developed.
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Making Teacher Evaluations Public

- Does making teacher evaluations public fix the problems in education?
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STEM Education: Don’t Leave Reading Behind!

- Whether it be Chemistry, Calculus, Construction, or Cosmetology, we can help our students read for literacy in their area of interest and beyond.
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Spring Cleaning – Teacher Style

- You’ve almost made it - now take that little bit of time and hit the refresh button this Spring!
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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

- I don’t think I really appreciated how hard teachers work and how much they care until I started working in Continuing Education for teachers.
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Founder’s Day

- Who founded your education?
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