2016: Critical Thinking Needed

- Students today have grown up with social media as one of the biggest sources for current events. What can you do in your classrooms to help your students use critical thinking to navigate information presented on social media and eventually filter though everything to find the “truth”?
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Time for a Brain Break

- A brain break can refresh our thinking and help us discover another solution to a problem or see a situation through a different lens – it can actually help to incubate and process new information.
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Be Prepared – Take a CPR Course

- We are offering a CPR: Adult, Child and AED course on Saturday, October 15th. Through taking this course, you will gain practical knowledge of health and safety awareness with hands-on training and learn lifesaving skills from experienced professionals.
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got philanthropy?

- How can educators transform the word ‘philanthropy’ into something meaningful to students?
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Start the New School Year With a Positive Attitude!

- Having a successful school year at times can feel impossible. Make the impossible possible. Find your team, your support and your tools.
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Take an Online Course this Summer!

- Summer is a time for vacations and fun, but it can also be the perfect time to catch up on professional development requirements.
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Lesson Planning with a lens on LITERACY

- One of the key design considerations of the Common Core State Standards is to foster a “shared responsibility in students’ literacy development.” If we can all agree that literacy entails proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening, then it is reasonable to assume that these standards are integral to instruction in all content.
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One Teacher’s Experience with the Leadership Institute for Latino Literacy

- In this week’s blog post, I am sharing a blog post written by my friend and former Trinity classmate, Angelica Lara, ’05. She wrote the post for the National Council of La Raza blog on her experience as a presenter at the 2015 Leadership Institute for Latino Literacy.
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Game On!

- Over the past several years, there has been tremendous interest and proving more importantly, a necessity, among educators to utilize games as a learning tool.
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Why Personal Fitness Training May Be Your Niche

- From Jane Fonda to Jillian Michaels, personal fitness trainers have been portrayed in the media as toned and sculpted super-humans who have no tolerance for the lame excuses of mere mortals. But when you step away from the spotlight, you will see that most personal trainers are down-to-earth compassionate facilitators whose primary mission is to support you in attaining your goals.
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