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Continuing Education | Administrator I Course Offerings

Administrator I Course Offerings

The office of Continuing Education offers 6 courses for teachers to meet requirements for the Administrator I certification in Maryland.  Upon completion of the following six requirements, students may submit transcript documentation to the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to seek Maryland Administrator I certification.  We encourage all students wishing to use the six courses for Admin I certification to have them approved by MSDE or their respective certification office.  The Trinity transcript will reflect the completion of the respective courses; the transcript will not indicate completion of a degree or a certification program.


Courses that meet Admin I Requirements

  • EDU 945              Curriculum Development
  • EDU 856A            Legal Issues in Education
  • EDU 680A            Leadership for the 21st Century
  • EDU 790A            Organization and Leadership of Schools through Administration
  • EDU 597A            Supervision and Professional Development in a K-12 Setting
  • EDU 890A            Educational Administration Internship


Educational Administration Internship 

To qualify for the final internship course, participants must be teachers with three or more years of teaching experience and a master’s degree from an accredited university in addition to the courses above. An approved MSDE evaluation showing all requirements for Admin I Certification in Maryland have been met (except for the internship/practicum requirement) is also required to qualify for the final internship course. Please read the information below for all requirements to apply for this special opportunity.

Spring 2018 Semester Internship Course Offerings and Deadline

There are two separate sessions for the Spring 2018 Internship Course. Remember to indicate your preferred session in your application, however, keep in mind that acceptance to a specific session is not guaranteed. Attendance to all class meetings within the session is mandatory. Both sessions will meet on the indicated Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm at Trinity.

Spring 2018 Dates

Session I:  January 20*, March 17*, June 2, and July 14, 2018 (*Snow Date TBD)
Session II: February 10*, April 7, June 16, and July 28, 2018 (*Snow Date TBD)

Spring 2018 Application – Applications are being accepted now and are due by December 13th. We may accept fall application after this date provided space is available.


EDU 890A Application Requirements

  1. Approved evaluation (from MSDE) showing all requirements for Admin I Certification have been met except for the internship requirement
  2. Master’s degree from an accredited university
  3. Complete at least two of the five required courses at Trinity. One of the two courses must be a leadership course (EDU 597A, EDU 680A, EDU 790A).
  4. Transcripts for required course taken outside of Trinity with a GPA of 3.0 for all graduate level course work
  5. Letter of Recommendation from a former Trinity Instructor
  6. Letter of Recommendation from chosen On-Site Mentor

After application requirements have been evaluated, students with complete applications will be contacted in the order by which they have been received, until the respective EDU 890A course(s) fills.  Students will then be expected to pay the tuition** in full upon notification from the Office of Continuing Education.

** Tuition for EDU 890A is $1060.

Course Descriptions

EDU 945  Curriculum Development This course introduces students to the principles of curriculum theory and development. Attention is given to current practices and curriculum reform movements.

EDU 856A  Legal Issues in Education  This course highlights major legal issues affecting teachers and administrators. Emphasis is placed upon legal issues such as negligence, desegregation, rights and responsibilities of teachers, academic freedom, students’ rights, and school attendance. This class is highly interactive with discussions, simulations, and case studies.

EDU 680A  Leadership for the 21st Century This course explores the critical issues in school leadership for the 21st century. This class focuses on leadership skills; technology for teachers, students and administrators; alternative methods of student assessment; demographics of future population; and parent/community expectations.

EDU 790A  Organization and Leadership of Schools through Administration This course will define the many aspects of an administrator’s influence and impact on a school environment. Participants will examine how factors of teacher assessment and development, academic advancement, as well as how school and community outreach play a part in a school’s overall success. Students will develop strategic planning skills to evaluate the organization of a school community’s relationships and responsibilities and how they correlate with pupil achievement. Participants will explore the role of staff professional development.

EDU 597A  Supervision and Professional Development in a K-12 Setting This course will focus on instruction paradigms and clinical supervision techniques.  Strategies for supervision methods will be modeled to include professional communication skills in convening parent meetings as well as evaluating teacher performance, creating improvement plans and developing professional learning communities.   Participants will develop and present a plan to apply methodology of real life scenarios.

EDU 890A  Educational Administration Internship** This course is designed to accompany an internship within a K-12 school setting and partner with an experienced on site administrator.  The course is intended to guide participants throughout their practicum experience by incorporating administrative practices throughout their internship that were explored in the administrative courses leading up to the internship.  This course will have class meetings at the start, middle and end of their experience to allow students to integrate the support, consultation and inspiration of their university supervisor as well as their peers. In compliance with standards in the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC), the course will include two hundred forty hours of performance-based administrative experience in the field over a six month period.

** Tuition for EDU 890A is $1060.

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Contact the Office of Continuing Education by email at, or by phone at (202) 884-9300. Fax registration materials to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our secure fax line: (202) 884-9084.



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