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Be Prepared – Take a CPR Course


heart-213747_960_720Emergency preparedness is something that should be on everyone’s minds. It should especially be on the minds of teachers and school administrators. In the event of any emergency – whether it is a medical emergency in a classroom, a school wide emergency, or even a nationwide emergency – students will look to their teachers and administrators for guidance.

Knowledge is one of the keys to being prepared in the event of an emergency. Having the knowledge to respond appropriately in a given emergency situation will also help you to stay calm throughout that situation. One way to gain that knowledge is to take a class such as CPR or First Aid.

We are offering a CPR: Adult, Child and AED course on Saturday, October 15th. Through taking this course, you will gain practical knowledge of health and safety awareness with hands-on training and learn lifesaving skills from experienced professionals. Click here to learn how to register and take advantage of this great opportunity.

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