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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!


apple-163602_640Teaching, in my opinion, is one of the most difficult and often times most thankless jobs. I think this is because many of us do not realize the positive impact teachers had in our lives until we are older. I certainly didn’t!

My mom has been a K-12 teacher for about 20 years. I always knew she worked hard and was passionate about her students. It was evident when she would leave extra early for work or come home a little late. When she would still be working from home late at night or go in to school on a Saturday. She cared. It’s easy to forget that teachers don’t really stop working after the school bell rings.

I don’t think I really appreciated how hard teachers work and how much they care until I started working in Continuing Education for teachers. Course work is required for teachers to stay certified, but I have spoken with many teachers that always seem to be excited to learn and grow as an educator to be better for their students. They care.

So, thank you teachers and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Here are a few discounts I found specifically for teachers this week:

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