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Greatest Hits = Best Practices


RecordThis blog has been a tough one for me to write.  Just last week I made the decision to leave Trinity and start a new opportunity.  It’s always tough to leave people and places you care about.  What has been more difficult for me is trying to find the words to express the legacy I want to leave at Trinity.  Looking back, I have a few blog posts that I’m exceptionally proud of that I do hope you’ll take a second look at:



This sort of “greatest hits” list got me thinking about teachers greatest moments and how those moments can be so important to a student but also the teacher themselves.  A teacher’s greatest moment should be something that they never forget.  Why?  Well because learning what works and what doesn’t is priceless in a classroom.  If a lesson plan or a technique is a success, don’t forget it.  Being a reflective practitioner will allow for success down the line.Never stop Learning

Another reason to remember your “greatest hits” is because focusing on the positive is great tool to stay motivated.  Teachers talk all the time about being burnt out and any little burst of energy or positivity can make a huge difference.  If one of our greatest hits involves a particular student, then we need to remember that so that we can help a student who has similar struggles.

Teachers, figure out what works and what doesn’t.  Use what works and keep what doesn’t on the back burner.  You never know when there will be a student who learns differently than others and you’ll need those back burner techniques.  And, I know it sounds self-serving coming from me but take a professional development course.  It’s your opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and your peers what their “greatest hits” are.

Being a teacher is hard but with the right attitude and the right support, teachers can make a world of difference for your students.  I hope that I have left a legacy of encouragement for you.  I know that you can do it even when times get tough.  Get out there and add more moments to your “greatest hits” list!

You rock

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