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Utilizing Talents in the Classroom


Talents.  We all have them.  Sometimes it is hard for people to tap into their strengths and for others their talents are obvious at a young age.  Have you ever learned about a famous person’s life and realized that their degree is in something totally different than what we know them for?  I think we take for granted that someone with a beautiful singing voice could have graduated cum laude in econeconomics or that a comedian could have a master’s in sports psychology.

When you think about it, most people have more than one talent.  It’s not just our jobs that we do well.  Most people have hobbies at which they also excel.  Some people’s talents lie in how they treat other people.  Being a good friend is a talent.  It doesn’t come natural to all people.

This school year, remember that your students don’t just have one talent.  They may have many.  Encourage your students to pursue all their talents.  Help those who don’t know what their talents are to try new things and explore.  Sports, clubs, and organizations are there to help children to grow up to be well rounded people who are eager to be a part of their community.

And teachers, don’t forget to let your talents shine through as well.  If you are a good artist, incorporate it into your lessons.  If you are a musician, incorporate it into your lessons!  If you are… well, you get the point.  Use your talents.  They are part of who you are and are part of what makes you a great teacher.

Let’s have a talent filled school year!

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