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Make the Impossible Possible in 2015!


baseball 1Last night was the first time in Major League baseball history that all 15 home teams were victorious.  According to the Elias Sport Bureau, “the closest the home teams have ever come was 12 wins more than a century ago, on May 23, 1914.”  Since we haven’t had more than 11 home teams win on the same day in over 100 years, it definitely seemed like achieving a win for all 15 home teams on the same night would be impossible.  But as those teams proved last night, nothing is impossible.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines impossible as “Not possible; that cannot be done or effected; that cannot exist or come into being; that cannot be, in existing or specified circumstances.”  How these words ring true for teacher as each school year he or she has a student “that cannot be effected”, is asked to meet a standard that “cannot be done”, or run into a situation where a solution “cannot be in existing or specified circumstances?  Having a successful school year at times can feel down-right impossible.

Baseball 3Being a teacher can be very discouraging at times.  Students can seem impossible to reach either in the curriculum or in behavior.  There are so many techniques to use, strategies to employ. How do we know what will work?  Our principals and our school systems each year ask us to do more, be more, and help our students perform at a higher level.  The expectations can be overwhelming.  When dealing with students, parents, and administrators, teachers can feel like they are in a lose-lose situation.

But as the major leaguers showed us, nothing is impossible with the right team and the right tools.  Each of those 15 winning home teams consisted of 9 guys out in the field with a bull pen and bench players to back them up.  They have coaches, equipment managers, and trainers that help each player have the right tools to be successful.  This group effort made the impossible possible.

As this new school year begins, I encourage you to make the impossible possible.  But you can’t do it alone.  Find your team, your support, and your tools.  Then trust your stuff and swing for the fences!

Baseball 2

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