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Spring Cleaning – Teacher Style


spring cleaning

The days are growing longer, the sun is shining brighter, and countdown has begun – Summer is almost here! For educators, this can be a very exciting, yet trying time of year. With a month left to go, you are so close to the finish line, but still have a fairly hefty to-do list (including engaging your students who have already seemed to catch the summer vacation bug).

I’d say this time, more than any, calls for some good old fashioned spring cleaning and motivation! Lets not rush through Spring, instead lets work together to dig down deep, and finish out the school year triumphantly. How can you make the most of this time in and out of your classroom?

  1. Spring clean – literally! Its a wonderful, refreshing practice. Whether that means organizing your classroom, tidying up your home, throwing out the trash in your car, or even going through your purse – taking time to sort through your things can clear up space in your day and mind. This can also allow you to enjoy the start of your summer, instead of being stuck cleaning after that final bell rings for the year. Click here for tips on spring cleaning in the classroom!
  2. Fight the procrastination tendencies. Work as tasks come to you, instead of letting things pile up. This will allow you to pace yourself, and relieve a ton of stress when final grades are due.
  3. Update your resume, check on your re-certification requirements, sign up for any Summer courses you may need now to get the dates and classes you want. As a teacher, you are constantly learning and growing. Make sure you give yourself time to reflect and keep track of all the hard work you’ve done and will continue to do!
  4. Take advantage of the gorgeous weather – for yourself and your students. A little break outside can do wonders for the attention span throughout the day. Maybe, once a week have a lesson outdoors!
  5. Tap into your creativity and make the last few weeks of school count for your students. Need inspiration? Check out these articles for some pointers:



You’ve almost made it – now take that little bit of time and hit the refresh button this Spring!


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