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Founder’s Day


Today, April 22, 2015 is Founder’s Day at Trinity.  It’s great day when the university gathers for a BBQ and the senior class members participate in the May pole tradition.  This year we are also very lucky that we will get to participate in a “topping out” ceremony and tour as we get closer and closer to the completion of the new Academic Center.  It will be a time of great pride as we display our purple and gold or our class colors and celebrate our community’s accomplishments and the goals we have for our future.

Trinity was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.  This was one of the fun facts I learned about during my interview.  However, I realized that I did not know exactly who was responsible for the creation of trinity.  Back in 2013, our library staff did a great job of compiling the answer to my question in a great post!  Our founders are really Sister Julia McGroarty and Sister Mary Euphrasia Taylor.  These strong women felt that education was so important for woman that they employed all their talents in order to bring their vision into fruition.  I love that the library included such classic photos of Sr. Julia and Sr. Mary so that you can match their faces to their awesome deed.

Sr. Julia and Sr. Mary Euphrasia and so many of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur helped so many young women start down the path towards a good education and a bright future.  I think that we all have a Sr. Julia or Sr. Mary Euphrasia in our lives.  Maybe it was your parents that founded your education, or your kindergarten teacher, your high school guidance counselor, or your college thesis advisor.  Whoever it was for you, take some time today to remember that person.  Teachers, keep up the good work.  You never know which of your student’s bright path you might be the foundation for.


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