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5 Reasons Technology is an Educator’s Best Friend


Computer Learning
These are the top five reasons I think technology in the classroom is a great way to facilitate learning. We offer a few different technology courses through the Office of Continuing Education that can be used for teacher re-certification and also give you some ideas on how to better utilize the technology you have in your classroom.

  • Personalization: Technology in the classroom can allow teachers to create personalized lessons or activities for individual students more easily. This article has ten tips for personalized learning through technology.
  • Accessibility: Technology gives students with physical disabilities the opportunity to do things they might not normally be able to do. Many computers can be set up to be controlled by speech and there are programs that allow for speech to text so that students do not have to be able to use a keyboard.  Here is a great resource form Microsoft about making your classroom computers more accessible: Microsoft Accessibility. Technology can also be helpful for learning disabled students or limited English proficiency students. These students would have more immediate access to things like online dictionaries and thesauruses which would facilitate learning.
  • Smart BoardCurrent Culture: Technology has become pervasive in today’s culture and is now almost considered a life skill. If students learn to use technology in the classroom, that can have practical applications for their futures. They would learn to type, navigate the internet, and possibly have the ability to readily learn new and more complex software.
  • Global Classroom: Technology really does make the world seem much smaller and accessible. By using technology, students can be exposed to other countries and cultures they may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about.
  • Less Waste: Using technology in the classroom can eventually lead to less waste, specifically paper. While there is a higher monetary cost up front when using technology, it can save money and resources in the long term. It can also be used as an opportunity for student to learn about conserving resources. Online resources can be updated without cost and waste reprinting paper resources.

How do you feel about technology in the classroom? Did this change your mind or spark ideas on how technology can be beneficial to your students?

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