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The Fabulous Board


Smart Board

By Julie Kuzma, Adjunct Faculty 

You walk into school and hear cheers filled with excitement and anticipation. Your school is finally getting a SMART Board. You may have heard about the wonderful things that can happen on the board. Yet here you stand looking at a large white space wondering what to do, where to begin and now appreciating how some students feel as they look at that blank sheet of paper when their assignment is to write a story.

By this time, you can find some type of interactive white board in most schools across the country. Sure, you can project your favorite website or video on it for easier viewing. You can also use it to project an image or story from your document camera. All of these ways are great but what the students really want to do is get their hands on it. Those technologically savvy youngsters see the advantages of the possibility of the Board.


Where to begin? Always start simple and master one thing at a time. The easiest place to start is the Lesson Activity Toolkit. In here you will find 18 different templates. You can choose from word/image sorts, hot spots, anagrams, matching, multiple choice or popping balloons. On each template is an edit button where you enter the information, press OK and the activity is ready for student use.

Are you ready for something more but don’t know where to start, here are some great resources for ready-made lessons as well as You Tube videos that will teach how to use the board, effectively.

SMART Exchange-over 55,000 published lessons created by and classroom teachers around the world. You can search by topic, subject, grade or state standard. You will need to create a free account to access all of the files. There is also a button called “training” that will take you to all of their tips and tricks.

Harvey’s Home Page-activities sorts by Math strand; each lesson is ready to use or you can adjust the number to meet your needs; at the end of each lesson are the pieces of the lesson so you can personalize it more

Interact Cafe-this site is full of how-to videos and task cards on all SMART Notebook topics

SMART’s You Tube channel-every video you could imagine on how to create that fabulous trick you saw in another lesson

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