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Common Core State Standards (CCSS): Teachers Aren’t Ready…Why Not? Part I


By Adjunct Faculty Rashieda D. Addison-Gantt

Courses offered by Trinity Washington University Office of Continuing Education fully undergird the idea that all teachers are literacy teachers.  During the Spring 2013 semester when I was teaching EDU 530B – Methods of  Teaching Reading in the Content Area, Secondary: Part I, a student colleague brought in an article from the Washington Post that discussed the readiness of Maryland teachers for implementing Common Core State Standards (Bui, 2013).  Before CCSS Raise Handswe dove into the article,  I questioned the course members, “Are you ready to implement CCSS?” Various responses emerged from the group all resulting in an emphatic, “No.”  These “unprepared” course participants ranged from a mom/physical education teacher returning from sabbatical, to a Spanish teacher who had spent her teaching tenure in Egypt, to a Talented and Gifted Reading teacher in Virginia where CCSS are not yet adopted.

The article asserted that nearly two out of three teachers surveyed say they are unprepared to teach students based on the more rigorous Common Core State Standards. (Bui, 2013)  With a furrowed brow, I shared that I knew about the inevitable onset of CCSS therefore I started teaching it prior to required implementation. Among my student-colleagues, practice meeeting CCSS made me the expert in the room beyond the role of Professor. “What are we waiting for? CCSS is not coming, but it is here!”

I impressed upon them that it is imperative that educators, who often require students to be proactive, hold the same expectation for themselves around Common Core State Standards.  Considering the urgency, school systems should not be solely responsible for disaggregating the standards for educators who possess literacy skills, if they CCSS Readinghave matriculated at the university level andare certified experts in the field.  Ultimately, educators and stakeholders alike, ranging from the surrounding community to the university, must aide in the successful transition of the normed standards set-forth by CCSS.

Don’t just get ready for CCSS, implement it today!



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2 Responses to Common Core State Standards (CCSS): Teachers Aren’t Ready…Why Not? Part I

  1. Ileana Ippolito says:

    I am ready. CCSS is a big change.

  2. Cynthia Harvey says:

    You are so right. Common Core Standards afford us an opportunity to really strengthen the skills of our students, but is no cakewalk.

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