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Teachers: Make the Most of Your Summer


Many teachers politely cringe when they hear this: “I wish I was a teacher.  They get 3 months off!”

Most people think it is such a perk for teachers to have the whole summer off, which in reality is not that long.  If there is anything I have learned about educators, it is that even when they leave the classroom, the work is never done.  Teachers are constantly grading homework and tests, creating lesson plans, or thinking of new ways to do all of the above. And since teachers also need to take professional development courses to maintain their license, they have more job requirements than others that take place outside of the school day.

Summer can be a time to get ahead with lesson planning and creation.  It is also a great opportunity to take a professional development course that will give you new ideas for lessons, new methods for teaching a concept, and ways to make your upcoming school year smoother than ever.

At Trinity, summer is the biggest semester for the Office of Continuing Education.  There are over 130 professional development courses in 28 subject areas, like Autism,  Algebra, or Assessment for Reading.  Students can finish a course in 8 weeks online, in 4 weeks on Saturdays, or, our most popular, in 1 week, Monday- Friday.  A summer Continuing Education course is a quick, enriching way to enhance your knowledge and teaching skills.

Taking a Monday through Friday course may be a week out of your vacation, but it can provide you benefits the rest of your career.  Best of all, our courses award three (3) graduate level credits, with the exception of CPR Certification and Praxis I Preparation.  Just one week and you are one step closer to being ready for your new school year and have three credits towards recertification.

So don’t just take the summer off.  Keep working by learning; take a professional development course.  How will you make the most of your summer?

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  1. The teaching job is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of elements attached with it. My father has been a teacher for the last 25 years and looking at him, it is safe to say that teaching requires immense hard work.

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