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Construction News | Construction Memo #1

Building Trinity’s Future

TO:  The Trinity Community
FR:  President Patricia McGuire
RE:  Building Trinity’s Future:  Construction Memo #1:  New Traffic Patterns on the Front Circle

EXCITING NEWS!  Construction of the new Trinity Academic Center will begin in just a few weeks!  This remarkable project will provide new classrooms, science and nursing laboratories, study and gathering spaces for all students, faculty and staff to enjoy.  We will love this modern, comfortable, accessible learning environment that is slated to open in 2016.  Of course, during the construction period, there will be moments of change, disruption, and probably some unanticipated challenges to our campus routine.  Hence, we are planning a full and robust communication program including regular messages from me and other campus leaders to the Trinity Community to let you know what’s going on.

We also plan to have a “Groundbreaking Party” for all students shortly after school begins so that we can re-create for students the fun and excitement of the groundbreaking ceremony we had for our alumnae on May 31 (you can read about that ceremony and watch the videos on the Academic Center Website).

The new Academic Center will be located between the Library and the Science Building.  This project requires significant changes in traffic patterns on campus and parking lot designations.  We have spent the summer planning for these changes to minimize disruption and the anxiety that change sometimes produces.  We thank you in advance for your full cooperation with the necessary changes during construction.

This very first message concerns these key changes that we are implementing starting on August 4:

Click on this link to see a map of the changes described here:

1.  Reversing Traffic on the Front Circle!  Starting on August 4, 2014, the entrance to the front circle of Main Hall will be relocated on the Library side of the front driveway, closest to Franklin Street.  The exit from the front circle will be on the Chapel side.  See the map linked here.  In fact, this new pattern restores the historic front circle circulation that existed up until the 1990’s when we changed the direction.   This change will provide significant security improvements in the short-term while helping to manage the traffic during the construction period.  In the long-term, when the project is complete, the road will continue past the new building and on through the campus to the exit onto Franklin Street, thus helping move traffic more effectively.    We will have a great deal of significant signage on Michigan Avenue, as well as security staff to facilitate everyone’s adaptation to this change for the first month or so.

Also starting on August 4, to make the front circle circulation safer and less congested, the only parking allowed during the daytime on the front circle will be for visitors and those with handicap tags.  No more staff parking on the front circle — including me!  Including the Sisters of Notre Dame!! We are all making changes to help ensure the success of this project!

2.  Moving the Guard Booth to the Corner of Main Hall Across from the Library!  If you come onto campus right now, you will see that the front circle guard booth is in a new location at the intersection of the front circle and the driveway that loops back toward Alumnae Hall.  Having the guard stationed in this location helps to check traffic going to Main Hall as well as going back toward the parking lots and Alumnae Hall.

3.  Parking Stickers Required for All Staff, Faculty and Students!  Starting in August, if you want to park on campus you will need a parking sticker.  We have already provided the directions for faculty and staff, and students will receive separate messages about getting your parking stickers during the opening of school.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  EVERYONE must have a parking sticker if you want to park on campus.

MUCH MORE INFORMATION will be coming to you in email, on the website and in various other communications about the new traffic patterns, new parking lot designations and other important information you need to know about the Academic Center Project.  Stay tuned and pay attention — and as always, if you have specific questions, please just email me and I will provide the answer or put you in touch with the right person.

And let’s celebrate this great moment as we work together to build Trinity’s future!

This map linked here shows the change in direction for the front circle and the new location of the guard booth and checkpoint STARTING AUGUST 4

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For more information about campus construction, contact Ann Pauley at 202-884-9725 or



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