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Jocelyn Salinas ’19, Human Relations Major, Business Minor


Why did you choose Trinity Washington University?

I chose Trinity Washington University because of its historical background of being the first school in DC for women. I also liked that Trinity was close to home yet far enough to get a break from home. Originally, I didn’t plan on going to Trinity; however, later when I sat down with my mom and mentor to check financial aid, scholarship, and tuition costs, Trinity ended up being the most affordable school. I’m glad that Trinity ended up being my school!

How will you use your education to become a dynamic leader in your community?

With the education I’m receiving from Trinity I aim to become a dynamic leader in my community in two different ways. First, I hope I can become a role model to all young minority girls. That through my story of being a first-generation student, I can bring hope that pursuing a higher education is possible for everyone. Second, I want to be a leader in my community by motivating teens to go to college by helping them apply to scholarships, informing them about FAFSA, and mentoring them through the process of transitioning from high school to college.

If you could issue a statement to young girls that could be broadcast for the whole world to see, what would you say to them?

I would say don’t worry or overthink. If you don’t know what you want to do with yourself after high school, it’s okay. However, don’t sit around and do nothing. Get involved by helping in the community by doing some volunteer work, find internships, travel, and ask yourself what classes you like or don’t like in school. This can then help guide you to a right career path. Most importantly, remember to embrace and take advantage of the opportunities given to you. Remember we can plan our future, but at the end of the day God has the last say; therefore, don’t fear change—embrace it.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by my mother, Estela Salinas. I would not be the person I am today if it were not for my inspirational mother. My mother has been my motivation because her sacrifice taught me to be courageous, unselfish, and family-centered.

My mother made a decision that didn’t only impact herself but her entire family. At the age of fifteen she left El Salvador to come to Maryland. With the choice between work and school, she picked work to support her family back in El Salvador. The choice she made revealed to me that the sacrifice we make is not always going to be for our own benefit, but for the people we care about.

My goal has been to make her proud and achieve her dream of pursuing a higher education. If I accomplish this dream I will then be making my mother proud for she will be able to say to people, “Yes, my daughter achieved my dream for the both of us.” As a family, you rely on one another for support and encouragement. When there is pain, we all struggle; when there is joy, we celebrate. I hope to mirror that same courage, selflessness, and family values because to excel in anything is not just a reflection of you but of how you got there and the people who helped get you there.


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