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Sheyny Barahona ’18, Criminal Justice Major


Why Did you choose Trinity Washington University?

I chose Trinity Washington University because it was a small campus filled with so much history and greatness. I discovered a lot about Trinity’s history when I first applied and when I moved onto campus. I greatly enjoyed learning the story of how Trinity began. Years later, the university continues to be a great representation of what it means to be a Trinity scholar and Trinity woman.

How will you use your education to become a dynamic leader in your community?

The knowledge I have gained throughout the years here at Trinity has been immense. Not only have I been active on Trinity’s campus, the knowledge I’ve gained in my criminal justice classes has taught me to become a better leader. The world needs more female leaders to show the next generation that no role is too big or small. Every learning experience you share as a leader, empowers others and gives them the strength to follow in your footsteps. I use all my knowledge I have gained from Trinity when I am at work, volunteering with young children, serving as a peer advisor, and fulfilling my duties as president of the Campus Activities Association. Everything starts with the younger generation and I want to be able to teach them that no matter what, nothing is impossible in this world. Being a leader is much more important than being a boss because leadership is about teamwork and driving one another to achieve greatness.

My peer advisor experience has been phenomenal. I started my sophomore year at Trinity and I love it because it taught me a lot about myself as a leader and as a Trinity sister. Welcoming the incoming students to Trinity gave me the opportunity to help them adjust to college life, just as the peer advisors supported me when I was a freshman! Those women have graduated and started their post-grad careers, and I still talk to them because we have formed a sisterhood. A bond is created with everyone I meet as a peer advisor, and it is great to interact with new students to help them understand Trinity’s culture. They look up to you and seek your advice because they know you have been in the same position they have. I wish I was able to make the peer advisor program longer so it would last throughout the entire year; but, in the end, I always learn valuable lessons from our trainings, and each incoming class. It is a great experience and I always enjoy the presence of Dean Meechie at the meetings.

If you could issue a statement to young girls that could be broadcast for the whole world to see, what would you say to them?

If I could issue a statement to young girls that could be broadcasted for the whole world to see, it would be, “Make the impossible, possible.” Nothing is impossible in this world. It just takes dedication, hard work, commitment, passion, and eagerness to succeed. If you strive to achieve your goals, you will benefit the world as a whole and show women around you that they can do it too. As women, we decide the path we take and no one is allowed to intimidate us in any way. Any obstacle we may face simply makes us stronger and the cycle of success and setbacks is what makes us evolve into powerful women.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is those who have been through difficult situations, but in the end they always found a way to overcome those challenges. Those tough moments were only motivation for them to push themselves harder and not only achieve what they wanted but also to serve as an example to others. I am that type of person. No matter what situation arises, I always look on the brighter side and think of what I can do to overcome it. It only pushes me and shows my character and the many things I know I am able to accomplish.

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