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Charlene Valdez ’17, Biology Major, Chemistry Minor


Charlene_Valdez_PhotoWhy did you choose Trinity Washington University?
I chose Trinity Washington University primarily because I believed the environment would allow me to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. I also chose Trinity because of the smaller classroom setting which would allow me to develop meaningful bonds with my peers and professors. I believe that Trinity helps to transform each individual in a positive fashion and that without the internal support within the college, I would not be the woman I am today.

How will you use your education to become a dynamic leader in your community?
My Trinity education has provided me with the foundation to become an independent research scientist and has given me the opportunity to mentor my peers in the STEM divisions. Trinity also has faculty mentors who are dedicated to their work and devoted to ensuring their students are successful. Exposure to this type of environment allows women to develop the confidence needed to thrive and grow.
If you could issue a statement to young girls that could be broadcast for the whole world to see, what would you say to them?
If I could issue a statement to young girls around the world, I’d advise them to always strive for their best and to be confident. Be kind to yourself and patient with your personal growth. What kind of woman do you envision to be? You should work toward this image of yourself to be the greatest. There is only one you in this lifetime. So, who do you want to be?
What inspires you?
I am inspired by my Mother, who as an immigrant to the United States, has worked extremely hard to advocate for the rights of women and undocumented immigrants through activism. This phenomenal woman raised me to value myself and has inspired me to work diligently toward my personal goals. I hope that I can provide the same inspiration to young women and girls. In times where I find myself doubtful of my potential, I remind myself of the journey I’ve taken to reach this point in my life and use it as a source of inspiration to move forward.
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