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Elizabeth Thorp ’18, English Major


How did you choose Trinity Washington University?
I chose Trinity due to its location and size. I come from a very small town; so, when deciding on a college, I wanted to attend a small campus in a large city. Trinity was the only university I visited in the DC area that that was centrally located in a large city but close-knit enough that I felt comfortable relocating here from my hometown.


How will you use your education to become a dynamic leader in your community?
Studying at Trinity has allowed me to encounter different perspectives I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to prior to college. I think my learning, understanding, and accepting many diverse views has been a great asset to my education. Being able to accept different opinions and perspectives is beneficial to our future and to our leaders.

If you could issue a statement to young girls that could be broadcast for the whole world to see, what would you say to them?
I would say that they should never allow anyone to tell them who they can and can’t be. Society often tries to place labels on people and the moment someone steps away from that label, society suppresses them. I believe that the people who refuse suppression are happiest. Your happiness and safety is far more important than following along with what society dictates. Don’t let others silence the real you…just be!

What inspires you?
My inspiration constantly changes. Currently, I’ve been watching a lot of figure skating. The level of ability these men and women have is amazing. The idea that figure skaters have to work so hard to perfect their skill, drives me to better myself. I believe that if you work hard and have something to show for your work, than you can be proud of your accomplishments.

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