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Gabrielle Clary ’18, International Business Major


How did you choose Trinity Washington University?
I chose Trinity Washington University as my academic institution, because I needed an environment where I could grow as a minority woman. The Trinity environment helps women find their voice and how to create their own place in the world. I have definitely grown and learned a lot about myself.

Gabrielle Clary, International Business Major, Political Science Minor, Class of 2018

How will you use your education to become a dynamic leader in your community?
My education at Trinity gives me the patience, grace, and knowledge to lead others. A lot of leaders graduate from Trinity, and I think it is because Trinity trains young women to think from different perspectives but to also speak up and break through the labyrinths and ceilings that women face.

If you could issue a statement to young girls that could be broadcast for the whole world to see, what would you say to them?
If I could issue a statement to young girls that could be broadcast for the whole world to see, I would tell them to never suppress their personalities, desires and style for the pleasure of others. Be yourself, speak up and never be afraid to take advantage of opportunities.

What inspires you?
My favorite quote is one my Mom would always tell me growing up, “Many are called but few are chosen.” This quote would be my advice for young girls, as it reminds me to never be afraid to take on opportunities even if it doesn’t fit the status quo of society. As long as I have the passion and drive, I can accomplish many things. It also reminds me to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves because someone else, with the same passion and drive, could take the same opportunity.

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