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CAS Assist Program

The CAS Assist Program at Trinity Washington University supports students who have an emergency situation while enrolled in courses and expect to be absent from classes for an extended period of time.

“Emergency situations” typically include unplanned health related illnesses and hospital stays, funerals or a death in the family, or an extreme family crisis. Other situations may also be considered on a case by case basis.

Trinity recognizes that emergency situations do happen and wants to provide the opportunity for students in these situations to remain in classes if possible.  If extensive class time has been missed, however, a student may be required to withdraw from a course or courses.

Student Responsibilities

Students who would like to be considered for the CAS Assist Program are responsible for submitting the CAS Assist Request form (located below).  Once the request has been received, the student’s advisor will contact the student to schedule an appointment to discuss the matter.

  • Students must provide documentation to confirm the reason for their time away from classes
  • Students must keep in contact with their professors to receive assignments
  • Students must keep abreast of their assignments and turn them in as agreed upon with their professors
  • Students must notify their advisor upon returning to campus
  • Students must keep their telephone numbers current in order to be contacted
  • Students must respond to status inquiries via their Trinity email account or by phone

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Faculty should notify the advisor if a student does not maintain appropriate contact and communication while enrolled in the CAS Assist program
  • If appropriate, Faculty should provide the opportunity for students to make up the course work while the student is absent
  • Faculty should correspond with students through the student’s Trinity Washington e-mail account and/or Moodle
  • Faculty should e-mail the advisor when the student returns to classes
  • Faculty should notify CAS Academic Advising if a withdrawal from the course is necessary

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Ms. Marla Cunningham at (202) 884-9255.

CAS Assist Request Form

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