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Withdrawing from a course

March 13, 2015 - Click here for information about withdrawing from a course. Continue reading
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What Do You Mean, Educate Myself?

March 30, 2012 - What Do You Mean, Educate Myself? My first two years in college were uneventful and tedious. I received good grades in my courses, but I wasn’t excited about what I was learning. I didn’t even understand why I was required to take the courses on my schedule!  One afternoon, I was complaining about these issues to one of my former professors. He told me something astonishing: if I truly wanted to become educated, I would have to educate myself! His comment caught me by surprise. I had always assumed that I would receive a good education by simply showing up … Continue reading
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The C- Simply Could Not Be Possible

March 21, 2012 - I stared at the grade in disbelief.  The C- simply could not be possible.  I had earned nothing but A’s in my high school English classes; I had won almost all of my school’s writing awards.  How could my first college essay have that ugly, green C- scrawled on it?             Almost worse than the grade were the seemingly unending corrections and notes that filled the essay’s margins.  These markings resembled nothing I had ever seen before on a paper.  They seemed to shout, over and over again, in a terribly screechy, sing-song voice, “You’re not good enough for college!  … Continue reading
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The Best Choice of My Life – Dr. Kimberly LaBoone

February 3, 2012 - My journey to college began here on Trinity’s campus in 1979. Trinity Upward Bound serves as one of the foundational structures in my education.  After finishing ninth grade, my mother told me about a program where I would go to school during the summer and on Saturdays during the school year. And I thought “she has got to be kidding.” I complained throughout high school because I was not allowed to work or sleep late on Saturdays like my peers. Giving up my summers to attend Trinity paid off for me in the long run; I met a lot of … Continue reading
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