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CAS Advising | Finding My Assigned Advisor

General Information

Advisors can be contacted by:

  • Phone- 202-884-9205
  • Email-
  • Main Hall Offices- 208, 210, 211, and 213

Current Students with an Assigned Advisor

CAS “A” Team Academic Advisors

Senior Advisor and Student Success Coordinator: Tabatha Cuadra
Phone: (202) 884-9254
Office: Main Hall 211

Advise students with last names S- Z and the Dream.US Scholarship Recipients

Advisor: Alexzandra Earley
Phone: (202) 884-9267
Office: Main Hall 208

Advise students with last names A- D

Advisor: Marla Cunningham
Phone: (202) 884-9255
Office: Main Hall 213

Advise students with last names E- K and Dual Enrollment

Advisor: Kenya A. Kirkland
Phone: (202) 884-9422
Office: Main Hall 210

Advise students with last names L- R and Achiever’s Scholarship Recipients


* Students in Honors Cohort are advised by Dr. Steven Gable,, 202-884-9242, Main Hall 181


Trying to Figure Out Your Advisor?

Simply log into Self-Service and scroll to the bottom of your schedule to find your assigned advisor, see your class status, and confirm your major.

For more information contact CAS Advising at



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