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What Do You Mean, Educate Myself?

March 30, 2012 - What Do You Mean, Educate Myself? My first two years in college were uneventful and tedious. I received good grades in my courses, but I wasn’t excited about what I was learning. I didn’t even understand why I was required to take the courses on my schedule!  One afternoon, I was complaining about these issues to one of my former professors. He told me something astonishing: if I truly wanted to become educated, I would have to educate myself! His comment caught me by surprise. I had always assumed that I would receive a good education by simply showing up … Continue reading
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The C- Simply Could Not Be Possible

March 21, 2012 - I stared at the grade in disbelief.  The C- simply could not be possible.  I had earned nothing but A’s in my high school English classes; I had won almost all of my school’s writing awards.  How could my first college essay have that ugly, green C- scrawled on it?             Almost worse than the grade were the seemingly unending corrections and notes that filled the essay’s margins.  These markings resembled nothing I had ever seen before on a paper.  They seemed to shout, over and over again, in a terribly screechy, sing-song voice, “You’re not good enough for college!  … Continue reading
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