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The Best Choice of My Life – Dr. Kimberly LaBoone


My journey to college began here on Trinity’s campus in 1979. Trinity Upward Bound serves as one of the foundational structures in my education.  After finishing ninth grade, my mother told me about a program where I would go to school during the summer and on Saturdays during the school year. And I thought “she has got to be kidding.” I complained throughout high school because I was not allowed to work or sleep late on Saturdays like my peers. Giving up my summers to attend Trinity paid off for me in the long run; I met a lot of fun people, but more important, I met people who taught me how to take charge of my life by getting accepted into a college that would be the right fit for me. Since I was five, my mother instilled the importance of a college education, but it was at Trinity that I learned how to map out a plan for academic success. Today, I feel fortunate to be working at Trinity where I realize my personal motto: “never forget where you come from.”  Working here affords me an opportunity to give back to an institution that has given so much to me.

My choice to attend Spelman College was not an intentional selection of a women’s institution. Rather I chose to attend Spelman because it offered a rich tradition of academic excellence with a strong history. Moreover, I really connected with the idea of what the atmosphere at a small institution could offer; I thought I would love to join the student body. I was very nervous about attending Spelman because as a graduate of DCPS I had been told throughout high school that DC’s schools underperformed in comparison to other school systems in the country.  However, shortly after arriving on campus, I knew I made the BEST choice of my life. My education at a women’s institution rewarded me with so much more than the Bachelor of Arts in psychology and so much more than a liberal arts education. The degree I earned from Spelman has served me and my family very well. Now, I am using the degree to inspire other women to educate themselves beyond what they think is possible. I learned about myself, my community, the world around me, and I learned what I can accomplish as a woman in this world.

Dr. Kimberly LaBoone is the Director of Academic Services at Trinity Washington University

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