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Athlete of the Week


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This week’s athlete of the week is Freshman Volleyball player Shelby Swann. Shelbyplays the libero position, and her defensive play is what makes her a standout.  When asked who inspired her to  play  volleyball,  Shelby  replied,  “I  started  in  the  9th grade, I was  curious  about  the  sport and  needed  a  fall  sport  to  play  before  basketball  season.”  Volleyball has become an important part of her life next to her love for basketball.  She plans to play during this upcoming basketball.  Basketball is her passion, but it’s difficult  for  her  to  choose  which  sport  is  her  favorite.  When asked how she prepares for games, she said, “I let music get me pumped before a game.”  On her iPod, she enjoys listening to rapper Lil Wayne or Paramour.  I asked Shelby what  exactly  helps  her  be  the  contributor  that  she  is,  “being  that  I  am  at  the  libero  position,  I  am  depended  on  to  play  defense.”  She didn’t seem  to  want  to  talk  too  much  about  her  contributions,  but  instead  glorifies  junior,  Ellen  Bethea  and  freshman,  Keisha  Johnson  for  their  vocal  strength,  and the energy  and  inspiration  they bring to  the  entire team.  Aside  from  sports,  Shelby  plans  to  pursue  a  career  in  physical  therapy,  which will keep her around  sports.

Submitted by Denesha Jones

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