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Billiart Center | Cong. Jim McGovern Speaks Out on Hunger in the U.S.

Rep. Jim McGovern On “Hunger in the U.S.”: “Solvable if We Have the Political Will to Do It”

“Close to 50 million of our fellow citizens are hungry. Almost 17 million of them are children,” Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) told a standing room only audience. He came to Trinity’s campus on September 29 to address “Hunger in the U.S.” and he discussed solutions to hunger and poverty. His talk was sponsored by the Billiart Center for Social Justice at Trinity and students, faculty, staff and SNDs in the Trinity community gathered to hear the Congressman’s powerful remarks. “Hunger is relatively solvable,” he said, “if we had the political will to do it. …Trillions of dollars are spent on wars, but ‘we’re broke’ is the response on relief of hunger.” Watch his full remarks here. Read more about Congressman McGovern.

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