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MBA Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes will I have to take to complete my MBA?

Sixteen three-credit classes, for a total of 48 credit hours. Plus INT 501.

How many classes  do most students take per semester?

Most students take 2-3 courses per semester.  (There are two terms in the Fall and Spring semesters)

How long are each of the classes?

All of the classes are eight weeks long, with the exception of the Quantitative Methods course, which  is sixteen weeks long.

Are there any elective courses for me to choose from?

The MBA program currently has no elective courses, all of the degree program courses are required.

What industries look for candidates with MBA degrees?

All industries, including public sector, private sector and non-profit organizations. The U.S. Federal Government also looks for candidates with MBA degrees.

How long will it take me to finish my MBA degree?

Trinity’s MBA is structured so that you can complete your degree in 2 years.

Trinity’s MBA is an accelerated program.  Does that mean I have to take a certain number of courses every semester?

Trinity’s MBA program is structured with eight week intensive courses, so that you can complete your degree in two years.  Students might also chose to attend at an accelerated (9-12 credits per semester) or life-balanced pace(6-9 credits per semester).  There are no required number of courses you must take per semester, nor any pace or rate which you are required to go through the program.  It is important to note the Financial Aid packages often require students to take a minimum of 6 credits per semester   You can choose how many courses you want to take at any one time, and you can increase or decrease the number of courses to fit your work and personal life.

How large are the MBA classes that I will be taking?

Compared to most schools, your class size at Trinity is small.  Most classes have between 18 and 25 students.

Who are the faculty that I will be learning from? 

The faculty for the MBA program includes full-time faculty and adjunct faculty.  Our full time faculty, Dr. Paul Williams, has earned PhD, and substantial real – world business experience.  The adjunct faculty are carefully selected for a combination of subject matter expertise, good teaching skills, and relevant business experience.  Many of them have PhDs as well, and the remainder have Master’s degrees. Learn more about the faculty.

Who advises me on my academic plan?

Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor at the start of their program.  They will review your course selections, and approve courses that you submit for registration.  If there are any problems with your schedule or the courses you have selected, your advisor will contact you.

How often should I meet with my advisor?

You should meet with your advisor twice during your first semester, and then as needed.  You should also meet with him or her  once you have attained 24 credits to be sure that you are on track.

Is there an MBA Alumni Association?

No, there is not.

Is Trinity’s MBA Accredited?

Yes, the MBA program at Trinity is accredited by the Middle States Association (MSCHE), which accredits Trinity’s degree programs.

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