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  1. Rosita Torregrosa Bachmann says:

    What can I say? Class of 1964 you rocked. It was a WOW reunion because each of you made it possible. Thanks. Rosita

  2. Reunion was amazing! Not many people now attend a college small enough to make them able to know everyone as we did! It meant so much to speak–even if too briefly–with just about every classmate! I want to stay connected. Somehow we seemed to genuinely get a sense of each others’ lives over the years…at least some aspects of it. I loved the fact that pretty much no one showed adorable grandchild pictures! Our planners helped us make the reunion really about each other and ourselves. (And of course I loved the few grandchild pictures I did get to see!)

  3. Rosita Torregrosa Bachmann says:

    As of today, Friday April 25, 2014 we have had a solid response to attending the 50th class reunion festivities at Trinity starting Friday May 30, 2014. Almost 100 classmates and significant others have registered through Trinity. I want to thank all of you who volunteered to make this weekend a very special one for all of us. I also want to thank those who have responded to our welcome back to Trinity phone calls and emails. In less than a month we will huddle at our alma mater and share our Red caring and excitement with the classmates. I feel honored to have chaired this event. It gave me the opportunity to work with a cadre of outstanding women and to chat over the phone with so many of you. RedsOf64 you are hot. Love, Rosita Torregrosa

  4. Mary Beth Jacobs says:

    I hope I get to see lots of classmates at reunion!

    Mary Beth Jacobs

  5. Kathy Gerace Charla says:

    I’m coming to reunion and so looking forward to seeing all my classmates.

  6. Rosita Torregrosa Bachmann says:

    Dear Helen, Your are right very few classmates are using the posting board to communicate. The best tool is to use the class list we sent you last December. It includes both email addresses as well as phone numbers on record for most of the classmates. It was updated by Sue Happ and by Trinity. I will act pronto and will find some connections to Pat Hoffman for you to to follow up with. Love, Rosita Torregrosa

  7. Helen Marr Mitchell says:

    Greetings to all…I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. And I have a special request beforehand. I need to identify and talk with any of you who knew Pat Hoffman well. Please get in touch with me if you did or if you know who any of her friends or roomates were. THANKS!
    Helen Marr Mitchell MD
    2852 Houfnaggle Road
    Lewisburg, West Virginia 24901
    304-645- 6606

  8. Rosita Torregrosa says:

    Dear Patty, I am so glad you are well and coming to class reunion. We had a little bit of confusion with the name Patty Carr (maiden name of Patty Carr, day student who had passed away) and believe me it was a relief to know you are well. For purposes of classmates’ id, we decided to address all the classmates by their maiden name. XOXO Rosita

  9. Patty Shiels Carr says:

    I am coming. thanks Rosita

  10. Rosita Torregrosa says:

    Hello to all! Welcome to this class site. Class Reunion is around the corner. Dates are May 30, 31, departing on June 1, 2014. We, the Planning Committee, have been in gear since the summer discussing activities. We will be contacting each classmates to encourage each to attend the 2014 festivities. A letter with juicy details will be in the mail by the end of October. Postings about Reunion will be on this site too. Let’s keep in touch. Warmly, Rosita Torregrosa, 50th Class Reunion Chair

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