Green Class-Share Your Memories


We want to hear from you about what makes the Green Class the best.

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3 Responses to Green Class-Share Your Memories

  1. Courtney Fagan, '02 says:

    Green Class day our junior year when we painted the Cuvilly Hall elevator. First time ever and that leprechaun was epic. EPIC.

  2. Patricia Condon Swift '70 says:

    I remember singing “Top o’ the Morning To You” on Green Class days back in the late 1960s. Do today’s Greens still sing that song?

  3. Judy Tart '78 says:

    Go, green classes! And a special shout out to my classmates in ’78! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion in May, and thank you to Cindy Flood Almand and Mimi Gustine Goff for working on the party for us for Saturday night! Remember the papier mache reference to Erin Go Bragh in the well!!

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