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  1. Eileen McCarron Maxwell says:

    Hi class of 82! My colleague and I are in desperate need of a place to stay in Philadelphia from June 30 through June 5. We are documenting the Occupy movement and there will be a National Assembly in Philadelphia during those days. We can sleep on the floor. Your sister from class of 94!

  2. We will also have some Class of 1982 cards available at the Memorial Mass that we will send to Sally’s Mom, Betty. Classmates and friends can write a note to Betty. All are invited and we hope many can come to remember Sally.

  3. We will be holding a Memorial Mass in honor of Sally at 5:00 PM on Friday, June 1 in the Sister’s Chapel at Trinity. After the mass, we plan on going to the Dubliner for dinner and to drink Sally down.

  4. Megan Lynott says:

    I am still in shock about Sally too. I loved your comments Nancy. Would like to know what the plans are for Friday night. Let me know if I can do something. (Maybe we can send something from the class to her mother? a remembrance? Just a thought. Looking forward to seeing everyone although i cannnot go Saturday night.
    Megan Heinze Lynott

  5. Nancy Walsh Foley says:

    Amen. Sally will be missed greatly by all of us. We are planning a memorial mass for Sally on the Friday evening of Reunion. More details will follow. Looking forward to sharing a toast to our Sal Gal with all of you.

  6. Casey Wagner says:

    Nancy Robbins Winn, you said it perfectly!
    Sally’s funeral is at 11:00 am on Friday, May 18th at Holy Trinity in Georgetown.

  7. Nancy Robbins Winn says:

    I just heard the very sad news about Sally. She was the heart and soul of our class! I believe she touched every single member of our class with her humor and her love of life and Trinity. She embodied the spirit of the class of ’82. This is such a tragic loss for us as a class. No reunion will be the same. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and closest friends. I am so sorry that I won’t be able to make this year’s reunion. Here’s to SallyWow and as we would say in the old days, “drink her down, drink her down!”
    Sign me: a very Heavy-hearted 82-er,
    Nancy Robbins Winn

  8. Nancy Walsh Foley says:

    I vote for the Dub!!! Looking forward to a great weekend catching up with everyone!

  9. Susan Brady Mejia says:

    Hello Everyone,

    What events are you going to? Anyone going to the dinner Fri night on campus or is the Dubliner the place? I missed last reunion because of my daughter’s high school graduation. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Susan

  10. Paulina Lynch Thompson says:

    Thanks for all the hard work in planning this. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  11. Sally Karwowski says:

    Hi Mary!

    Hope you and Tom are planning to attend!


  12. Mary Cichello Beck says:

    Thanks guys for organizing!

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