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  1. Eileen McCarron Maxwell says:

    Hi class of 62! My colleague and I are in desperate need of a place to stay in Philadelphia from June 30 through June 5. We are documenting the Occupy movement and there will be a National Assembly in Philadelphia during those days. We can sleep on the floor. Your sister from class of 94!

  2. Ines Tabini Bollinger says:

    I can not believe it, but I can at last make it. Arriving at the Washington Court Hotel on Wednesday .
    So happy to remember a very especial time in my life.

  3. Elaine Zablotny Madison says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday evening for dinner in Social Hall. How about a mini-reunion at the Jane Austen as a Trinity Woman event 3:30-4:30 for women who love books too much (all you English majors and minors – and didn’t we all wade through the Western classics in freshman year?) It will be fun to share memories after half a century!

  4. Patience Kane Bethel says:

    Is there any more information about the events. I am in the planning stage.

  5. Are any French majors coming? Ronnie McKenna? Nan Kelly? Would love to see some of our little group. Thanks Joan Clark for being such a great organizer.

  6. Carol Murray Hogan says:

    I have just made a reservation for Brian and I at the Washington Court Hotel. I truly hope we will have as complete a turnout of classmates as possible and I look forward to catching up with everyone. 50 years seems incredible.

  7. Patricia Kenny Blagden says:

    Just made my reservations at the Washington Court Hotel. Looking forward
    to a great weekend and dinner at the Library of Congress where I used to go to study . . . or was there another reason.

  8. Barbara Onderchek Black says:

    Look forward to seeing all who return. I also hope that we have an outstanding turnout. Let me know if any help is needed, since I’m local.

  9. Joan Littley Clark says:

    Cathy, You too! 🙂

  10. Joan Littley Clark says:

    Bonnie, I am very excited to know you are coming. It will be wonderful to see you. Joan

  11. Cathy Chabot Fredericks says:

    Hope we have a terrific turnout. Many thanks to our organizers.

  12. Bonnie Teeters Jezior says:

    I am really looking forward to this!

  13. Joan Littley Clark says:

    Please let me know if any questions and stay tuned for any updates.

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