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General Studies (B.A.)

If you are looking to complete your degree by building upon credits already earned at another school, Trinity’s general studies program is the perfect choice! By pursuing a general studies degree at Trinity, you will hone your critical thinking and writing skills while enjoying the flexibility to choose focal areas to match your personal interests and experience.

Your Trinity degree in general studies will prepare you for many post-degree paths including employment in the helping professions, human resources, public relations, public policy, and government related fields as well as post-graduate degrees in these areas or in general studies, law and business.

Courses in Trinity’s general studies program are scheduled to fit your already-busy schedule. These convenient evening and weekend classes have fewer students than at larger universities, allowing you to develop closer relationships with your professors.

Why Study General Studies (B.A.)


In the general studies program, you will specialize in one concentration area, or create an individualized degree program by choosing two areas of concentration from the following:

  • The business administration concentration introduces the field of business and develops the skills that are essential for success in an increasingly complex and global business environment. In the program, you will develop the ability to assess and analyze complex situations, determine the relative importance of internal and external variables affecting organizational objectives and think through problem solving strategies.
  • The human resources concentration is a specialized blend of management and organizational behavior, psychology, and sociology. Trinity’s program is grounded in the philosophy of people as a key component of an organization’s competitive advantage. This concentration will prepare you for positions in the HR profession within business, government, or nonprofit organizations.
  • The communication concentration explores aspects of interpersonal interaction and human relationships, organizational and institutional communication, public discourse and mass communication. This concentration is perfect if you wish to pursue employment or graduate study in areas that require demonstrated abilities in oral and written communication.
  • In the humanitiesconcentration you will study philosophy, art, English, history, and theology and religious studies. The humanities concentration is recommended if you are interested in graduate study in diverse set of fields, including law school, or employment in fields requiring analytical thinking, writing, and communication skills.
  • The information systems concentration focuses on the ever-growing role of technology in modern organizations. In the program, you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in project management, network engineering, or system administration.

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