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Business Administration with Human Resource Management (B.S.)

Are you looking to make a difference in your company, agency, or organization? Our program in Business Administration with Human Resource Management will prepare you to attract, sustain and manage the workforce that all organizations need—a workforce that, in a fluid and flexible local economy influenced by global pressures, gains and holds strategic competitive advantage for the organization. With concentrations in Administration, Training & Development, and Public & Government Agencies, we give our students a breadth of knowledge about human resources with a depth of insight into certain areas of human resource management.

When you complete our program, you will be prepared to take the Society of Human Resource Management (S.H.R.M.) Assurance of Learning assessment and, with the appropriate work experience, the Professional in Human Resources (P.H.R.) examination. Both of these certifications indicate readiness, competence and experience to potential employers.

Business Administration with Human Resource Management (B.S.) Careers & Internships

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Human Capital Manager
  • Recruitment Director
  • Benefits Manager

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