Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees in Washington, DC

Tuition & Fees

A student’s academic program determines the rate at which tuition is assessed. Undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) enrolling primarily in courses offered through the School of Professional Studies (SPS) may be reclassified as SPS students.

School of Professional Studies Summer 2013

Undergraduate Tuition Per Credit (excluding Nursing) $510
Undergraduate Tuition For Audit Per Credit $245
M.B.A. Tuition Per Credit $725
Graduate Tuition Per Credit(excluding M.B.A.) $685
Graduate Tuition For Audit Per Credit $245
Enrollment Fee* $80

* The Enrollment Fee is a one-time fee for new students

Special Tuition Rates

Trinity may grant special tuition rates for students who are members of a particular cohort or a part of a large group that has negotiated a specific rate for the group.

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