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Nursing (R.N. to B.S.N.)

If you are already a Registered Nurse, the R.N. to B.S.N. program is for you!

Trinity’s unique program is designed to help the working RN complete the BSN at a faster pace. The accelerated curriculum format allows students to take two courses every eight weeks, attending classes for four hours only one evening a week. Classes are offered on a 12-month calendar in a hybrid format that incorporates a blend of in-class, web-enhanced, and online course activities.

Learn, study, and graduate with a supportive cohort of other RNs as you progress through the program together. Take the unique opportunity to attend classes taught by well-regarded professors, some of whom have held prominent positions as managers, directors, and consultants in the health care system.

Trinity’s program provides a strong curriculum designed especially for RNs to improve critical thinking skills and self-confidence, enabling you to work more independently and efficiently in management and nursing specialty care areas. With support from a caring campus environment, learn to value and integrate knowledge from the liberal arts and sciences as a means of making nursing judgments and understanding the human experience.

Receive advanced placement if you have an associate degree in nursing and an active RN license in the US with eligibility for RN licensure in the District of Columbia. Receive credit for your previous general education courses and up to 32 credits for previous nursing courses.

Best of all, your previous academic and work experience may allow you to place out of certain courses, and some college credits you may have already earned could count towards your Trinity B.S.N. Become well-prepared with new research, writing, computer, and leadership skills necessary to enter graduate school.

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