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Tuition & Fees

A student’s academic program determines the rate at which tuition is assessed. Use our Net Price Calculator to estimate what you will actually pay after awards and grants.

College of Arts and Sciences 2013-2014

Comprehensive Fee:
Includes full-time tuition, double room, 19-meal plan, student activity fee, enrollment fee, and health insurance fee for one academic year: fall and spring semesters. Lab fees and other fees are additional.
Full-Time Tuition Per Semester* $10,485
Part-Time Tuition Per Credit $670
Tuition For Audit Per Credit $245
Room Per Semester**
Double $1,880
Single $2,220
Double Used As A Single $2,345
Alumnae Hall $2,500
Main Hall $3,000
Board Meals Per Week Per Semester**
19 Meal Plan $2,949
14 Meal Plan $2,700
10 Meal Plan $2,625
Enrollment Fee*** $300
Student Activity Fee Per Year $160
Health Fee Per Year† $600
Nursing Fee Per Semester†† $250

* Full-time status allows a student to register for 12-18 credits per semester. Credits over 18 in a semester are assessed at the per credit rate
** All students residing on campus must be on one of the University’s meal plans
*** The Enrollment Fee is a one-time fee for new students
† All full-time CAS undergraduates must join the plan sponsored by the University. This fee will be charged in full during the fall semester to full-time CAS students and CAS students admitted to the BSN program
†† All CAS students admitted to the Nursing Program are charged the Nursing Fee

Other Student Fees (All Schools)

Lab And Music Fees Refer to current course schedule
Late Payment Arrangement Fee $50
Parking Fee Per Semester (commuter) $35
Parking Fee Per Semester (resident) $70

Special Tuition Rates

Trinity may grant special tuition rates for students who are members of a particular cohort or a part of a large group that has negotiated a specific rate for the group.

Accident and Health Insurance

Trinity requires that all full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences to enroll in Trinity’s sponsored health insurance program. A brochure describing the student health insurance plan offered by Trinity is mailed each year to new students; it also may be obtained from Trinity’s Health Services.

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