Sociology (B.A.)

Sociology is the scientific study and interpretation of group life. It provides a human perspective on the study of personal qualities (such as race and gender) with organizational structures (such as urban life, work, family patterns and relationships). Through research and analysis, Trinity’s Sociology majors develop a “sociological imagination,” giving them the ability to connect individual private experience with social structure through concrete experiences and a strong theoretical perspective.

Students study sociology at Trinity as a major, minor, or elective courses.

Why Study Sociology (B.A.)

The sociology degree is an excellent background and preparation for work in business, social service, government, and education.  This program prepares students for careers in social work, journalism, politics, public relations, business, public administration, or any field that involves investigative skills and working with diverse groups.

Sociology (B.A.) Careers & Internships


  • Market research analyst
  • Family services counselor
  • Demographer
  • Caseworker
  • Welfare officer
  • Personnel manager
  • Grant writer
  • Health educator
  • Hospital administrator
  • Lawyer
  • Professor
  • Probation Officer

Recent Internships

  • Department of Education
  • National Geographic Magazine
  • National Museum of American History
  • Children’s Defense Fund
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