Trinity offers a specialized pre-law advising program for students planning to pursue a law degree in at the graduate level. Students in the program major in a complementary discipline such as political science, economics, sociology and English, while focusing their studies on aspects of these areas relating to law and justice.

Students study pre-law at Trinity while completing a major in a related discipline such as history or English.

10 Trinity Graduates with Careers in Law & Justice

Patricia Broderick
Associate Justice, D.C. Superior Court

Jeanette Jackson Clark
Associate Justice, D.C. Superior Court
Rosemary Collyer
Justice, U.S. District Court
Carol Crawford
Prosecutor and Cyber Crime Team Leader, Montgomery County, Maryland
Tonya Esposito
Associate, Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur
Tonisha Gilliard
Law Offices of Tonisha Gilliard
Marianne Hemmeter
Assistant Prosecutor, Delaware County, Ohio
Tekedra Jefferson
Assistant General Counsel, America Online, Inc.
Lauren Pacelli McLaughlin
Attorney, BrigliaMcLaughlin, PLLC
Theresa Van Vliet
Partner, Ruden, McCloskey, Smith
Former U.S. Prosecutor, Chief of Narcotics, Department of Justice

Why Study Pre-Law

Study at the undergraduate level is critical for acceptance at any law school. The study of related disciplines develops the written communication, critical thinking and logic skills required for success in the legal profession.

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