Human Relations (B.A.)

Society is based on how people interact with one another, how they work, live, and play together. By our very nature, humans are social creatures. Trinity’s human relations program allows students to understand human behavior and the social world by combining the disciplines of psychology and sociology. Students learn how to research aspects of society, including the issues of inequality based on factors like gender and access to technology.

Through internships in the Washington area, human relations students gain hands-on field experience, and prepare themselves to enter the workforce in their choice of several related fields such as education, social work, counseling, and public policy. Human relations majors may choose to add a minor in forensic psychology or criminal justice.

Students study human relations at Trinity as a major or as elective courses.

Why Study Human Relations (B.A.)

The study of human relations helps us understand the society around us, and how it serves some, while sometimes neglecting others. With this understanding, students of human relations can enter career fields that help to correct social injustice. Students who choose to major in Human Relations are rewarded with a degree that can translate into many fields and positions. Human relations majors can be found anywhere from the corporate business world to the high school classroom.  This major also complements graduate studies in sociology, psychology, social work, education, and public relations.

Human Relations (B.A.) Careers & Internships


  • Social worker
  • Child psychologist
  • Public relations assistant
  • Media relations coordinator
  • Legislative aide
  • Teacher
  • Program manager
  • Producer
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist

Recent Internships

  • Washington Mystics
  • National Children’s Center
  • US Congress: Office of Sen. Joseph Biden
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