Criminal Justice (B.A.)

The US justice system keeps citizens safe, and punishes and rehabilitates those who break the law. Learn the how the justice system works, from crime prevention to criminal rehabilitation.

Students in Trinity’s criminal justice program study the science of criminal behavior, focusing on law enforcement, corrections, and juvenile justice.  In addition to studying the history and theoretical basis of the field, all students in the program get hands-on experience through an internship at one of Washington’s many criminal justice organizations. Students interested in forensics can enhance their studies by taking other Trinity courses, such as psychology or chemistry.

Criminal justice graduates have the skills and knowledge to work in many fields, including law enforcement, the court and corrections systems.

Students study criminal justice at Trinity as a major, minor, or as elective courses.

Why Study Criminal Justice (B.A.)

Students who choose to major in criminal justice have a wide variety of paths to consider. While many students go on to become law enforcement officers and private investigators, a major in criminal justice is also great preparation for law school and other graduate degree programs.

Criminal Justice (B.A.) Careers & Internships


  • Special Investigator
  • Police Officer
  • Lawyer
  • Private Detective
  • Social Worker
  • Probation Officer
  • Youth Worker
  • Caseworker
  • Educator / Professor
  • Court Officer
  • Forensic Psychologist

Recent Internships

  • DC Superior Court
  • US Department of State
  • Maryland General Assembly
  • Montgomery County Crisis Center
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